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Mental Health Therapy





Individual Therapy
Individual Therapy

Discover the Power of Individual Therapy

Welcome to a space dedicated to you – individual therapy. It's not just counseling; it's that once in a lifetime when you can pour out your thoughts, feelings, and life's challenges without judgment.  We will work together and create a plan that will help you find balance in your life.  

Learn to manage stress, enhance relationships, cope with life's ups and downs, and craft a future you're excited about. With the right support, you can build self-awareness, resilience, and balance.


Why Choose Better Vibes Therapy?

Our mission is simple.  It is to be your partner in growth using a wealth of experience, education, and wisdom. We believe in you and we want to help you believe in yourself.  It is a pleasure and a joy to be an integral part of your healing and your growth

Couples Therapy
Couples Therapy

We'll Help You Keep it Together

Why Couples Choose Therapy​

  • Improving Communication 

  • Life transitions and stressors.

  • Family and parenting challenges.

  • Intimacy 

  • Growth as a couple

  • Relationship maintenance and improvement.

  • Differences in values and life goals

  • Trouble getting past mistakes made

  • Imbalance of tasks


Happy Couple

Move your relationship to the next level by learning:

Communicate Effectively: Say what's on your mind without fear, and truly listen to your partner’s needs.

Build Empathy: Understand each other's unique perspectives and cultivate a deeper, more compassionate bond.

Resolve Conflicts: Transform conflicts into opportunities for growth and connection.

Get Past - Past Mistakes:  Learn how to heal and move forward. 

WARNING:  An experienced therapist never takes sides because it is the relationship that is the client.  We understand that people make mistakes and we understand how difficult it can be to get past those mistakes, to heal the wounds, and to forgive and we will teach you how.  

Pre-Commit Therapy

Pre-Commit Therapy

Are you thinking about taking your relationship to the next level?

Before you step into the next level of your relationship, why not make sure that you are on the same page or can cope with your differences?  


New relationships can be very exciting. You seem to have a lot in common and your conversations are invigorating.  You decide to take the relationship to the next level.  Maybe you move in together, make a big purchase, decide to start a family, travel, etc.  Once the "dust settles" you discover that your partner doesn't value organization or a tidy home, has major debt, believes in corporal punishment for children, doesn't want children, prefers living in the country/city, is afraid of flying, etc.  


What happens next?  Our Pre-Commitment Therapy is your launchpad for exploring these essential conversations.  Facilitated by an experienced mental health counselor, we'll have those difficult conversations in a safe environment that won't injure the relationship.  

Parent Teen Therapy

Parent - Teen Therapy

Restoring Your Relationship with Your Teen

The journey through adolescence is a transformative period for both teenagers and their parents. It's a time marked by a search for independence, self-discovery, and often, conflict.


The clash between the desire for autonomy and the need for guidance can strain the parent-adolescent relationship. At this critical juncture, our counseling services offer a bridge of understanding and communication.


We help parents and teenagers navigate these turbulent waters, fostering a supportive environment for open dialogue and conflict resolution WITHOUT BLAME.


Our goal is to help you both understand the significant and abrupt changes that are going on and to find the path toward restoring and reinforcing your relationship. 

Other Sevices

Other Services

Therapy is not only for individuals, couples, or people with mental health concerns.  There are many times when we need the advice of a professional to help us make decisions, career choices, get back on track, manage our time, organize our lives, homes, and offices, or resolve a conflict.  We are here to help with:  

  • Life Skill Training - time management, organization, family management, decluttering, maintaining motivation etc.Mentoring

  • Decision Making

  • Conflict Resolution

  • ESA Letters

Commercial Therapy

Commercial Therapy

Are you a business owner or director driven to succeed, but having trouble getting your workforce to share in the vision?


Like a single drop of water can set a whole sea off balance sending crashing waves everywhere, one employee can lead a whole company in the wrong direction.


How I Can Help? 

With an in-depth understanding of the human mind, what it takes to motivate people and sustain motivation, and an understanding of leadership theory, I'll meet with you, and your staff.  Together we'll devise a plan that best fits your vision.  I'll provide motivational training and interviews with your staff collectively and individually, confidentially assess for treatment goals, train for the change, and get your business where you want it to be..  Let me help you succeed!

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