Our Services & Programs

Individual Therapy  

Individual counseling is a personalized and highly effective treatment for a variety of emotional difficulties.  Together we will explore the underlying causes of your symptoms, devise a plan for treatment, and take action toward facilitating change.  We will work together to get YOU back.  

Support Group

Group Therapy 

Group therapy has many benefits including decreased isolation, collaboration, increased coping, and SUPPORT.  We offer:

Family Groups -  Parenting Children with Autism, ADHD, Adolescent Crisis, Single Parent, Blended Family

Personal Groups - Anger Management, Anxiety and Stress Management, Enhancing Social Skills, Goal Setting and Decision Making

Organizational Groups - Meditation and Self-Care, Problem Solving, Performance Enhancement, Facilitating Cohesion and Enhancing Morale/Productivity In the Work Place. 

Design your own group.  This is a unique opportunity for you to design a group with the guidance and expertise of a licensed professional.  Book a 15 minute consultation and let's set you up.  

Happy Couple

Couples Counseling

Most "injury" in a relationship occurs when two people are not aligned.  The purpose of couples counseling is to get your relationship on the right track.  In therapy you will learn ways to express your needs, fears, and individual differences without feeling like you are walking on "egg shells."  Our focus will be on how to align, repair, improve, and reenergize the couple.


With a commitment and some work, you can align, set goals, and become the power couple that you desire to be. 

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Expressive Art Therapy
(Individual & Group)

Learn how to get in touch with your own personal rhythm, find flow and improve your mood.


​With expressive art you will learn how to relax your mind and manage your thoughts. 


Learn how to reduce stress, anxiety, and racing thoughts by staying present and using expressive art as a cognitive disruption.  

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Performance Enhancement & Life Coaching

This service combines life coaching and counseling into a tool designed to guide an individual, a team, or a business, through a process of uncovering true potential. 


By utilizing cognitive coaching, empowerment, motivation, strength building, and coaching,  we will unlock your potential to reach your goals and peak performance.  

Contact us via email: info@bettervibestherapy.com for more information. 

Creative Thoughts

Problem Solving 

Problem solving emphasizes: strengths, resources, coping, possibilities, resilience, and solution  strategies.  No matter what the problem is, we explore several perspectives of your problem, any potential factors that could get in the way of a solution and with this comprehensive approach we guide you to your solution with a high degree of success.  This is a limited service. 


Contact us via email for more information:   info@bettervibestherapy.com 

Virtual Therapy 

Our services are offered exclusively virtual (with some exceptions). 

The benefits of virtual therapy are:  

Discretion, privacy, confidentiality

No waiting rooms