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What can I expect

What can I expect in my first therapy session? 

People often wonder what the initial appointment will be like, how long it will last, and what topics will be discussed.
A therapy session is virtual (on any device) and usually lasts about 50 minutes.  The first session is what we often call an intake session. This is when we gather information about the client, the history, and the problem.  Then, we work together to decide on goals.  Next, the counselor decides the approach (also called treatment) that best fits the client.  
There are many times when intake lasts more than one session and that's because the client must feel safe and comfortable enough to share their personal information with the therapist.   

How much will therapy cost, and will my insurance cover it?

How Much
Our fee for therapy is $125 for individuals and $150 for couples.  We offer a sliding scale fee for those who qualify and we currently accept Florida Blue, Aetna, and United Healthcare.  We accept payments via our telemedicine portal, Venmo, PayPal, and Zelle.  
Your mental health is important to us.  Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for options outside of this.  

Insurance and Fees

Florida Blue
United Healthcare

Individual Sessions - $125
Couples Session - $150
Sliding Scale - Yes
Will my therapist
Best Friends

Will my therapist keep my information confidential?

It is an ethical guideline and the law for a therapist to keep all information that you share confidential.  There are only two reasons why a therapist would be able to share your information.  
If you tell your therapist that you plan to harm someone else or yourself, we are bound to protect and warn, and we must report this.  
If the therapist suspects abuse or neglect of a child or an elder person.  
How do I choose

How do I choose the right therapist for me? What if I want to change my therapist?

To help you decide if a therapist is a good fit for you, you may want to ask about their experience and what populations they've worked with.  If you have been seeing a therapist and you feel that it is not a good fit, you can always terminate the relationship.  The therapist will understand and provide you with alternatives if you need them.  
What Next
how to schedule with better vibes terapy.png

I want to schedule a session.  What happens next?

  • Click on the "Schedule Now" button
  • Choose "Request an Appointment"
  • Choose the best time and day for you
  • Choose "Continue Without Signing in"
  • Fill in the short form
  • Once you receive our email -  "Create client portal account"
  • Complete the forms that - "Need Your Attention"
  • Join us for your first session
What approach

What approach does Better Vibes Therapy use?

Many people call and ask about our approach to therapy.  The answer is that the interventions we practice with each client depend on their life experience, their needs, their goals, and their level of motivation.  Below is a list of Better Vibes Therapy's commonly used modalities. 
  • ​Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Psychodynamic Therapy
  • Humanistic Therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Mindfulness-Based Therapies
  • Family Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Solution-Focused Therapy 
A good therapist uses an eclectic approach.  That means that once we get to know a bit about you and determine your goals, we draw from the many techniques that we've been trained in, and, as your partner in mental health, we devise a plan that fits you and will help you reach your goals.  

Tell me about your flexible fees and schedule

At Better Vibes Therapy, we want you to know that your mental health matters to us.  As therapists, the idea of having to deny assistance to someone in need, especially when we possess the tools to make a difference, can be quite challenging. 
We recognize that not everyone can afford the cost of mental health care, and not everyone follows a conventional work schedule. To address these concerns, we've developed flexibility.  

Our sliding scale fee for Individual sessions, for those who quality is as low as $75 per session.  

dancing in purple pants_edited.png
We understand that not all people work during the traditional work week.
Because we genuinely care, we've created a flexible work schedule to accommodate your busy schedule. 
We also offer Special Request hours including early morning or evenings (ie before 9 am and after 9 pm), but please note that these hours cannot reoccur on a weekly basis.  
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