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Studies show that engaging in hobbies can have positive effects on mental health

published in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy in 2019

After months of painstakingly working on my business startup, I thought about those out there who may not have the resources, the time or the skill to endure the same.  I thought about the artist who wants to teach people to discover their inner artists, the teacher who wants to help children read, and the yoga teacher who wants to help people improve their health.


You can be confident that everyone listed on this page is truly dedicated to creating a movement of positive change.  Please join me in supporting our Givers


After months of building my business, I thought about those who lack the resources or time to do the same, but deserve a chance to shine.


This page showcases dedicated individuals—a teacher empowering young minds, an artist unlocking inner creativity, a yoga instructor fostering health, and more.


Join me in supporting our community of Really Small Business Owners, each creating positive change in their own unique way.


Together, let's amplify their impact.

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