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One of my favored and highly effective intervention guides. This guide, ideally a prerequisite for all others, strategically combines cognitive restructuring, mindfulness, psycho-education, self-discovery, imagery, and motivation to help one conquer that daunting sense of loneliness, persistent sadness, and isolation.  Carefully and professionally crafted to emulate up. to ten therapy sessions, this guide offers a fresh perspective and a newfound appreciation for yourself.


Discover the 'HOW' in loving yourself – a journey that is often offered but rarely provided with the genuine guidance of a licensed professional.  While many are aware of the 'WHAT' in self-love, this guide gently leads you through the 'HOW,' offering encouraging nudges to inspire you and applaud your progress. All you need is  a quiet space and dedicated time each day for 21 days.  

I am not lonely: A Guide to beating loneliness through self-discovery


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    Expertly crafted intervention-based guides and journals at a fraction of the cost of therapy.  

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