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Packed with evidenced-based interventions (up to 10 therapy sessions in one book) and written by a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (for over a decade). 


Have you tried to change a behavior such as your diet, your response to stress, anger, smoking, regulating your emotions etc???  Did you wake up one morning with a burst of motivation and determination, ready to conquer the world—boldly declaring “This is the day! You invested some cash, you got your plan, and you were ready to tackle change head-on with a newfound willpower. For days and sometimes even weeks, you followed the plan -  diligently pushing through the thresholds of temptation, and then suddenly, like an uninvited and unexpected guest, you are faced with an obstacle you did not anticipate.  Like a car running out of gas,  you find yourself with little energy left face your unexpected visitor - and that is when it happens - relapse.   Soon, you are back to square one, wrestling with the familiar struggle.  


This is a very common experience and it can be disheartening, leaving us feeling defeated and inadequate and eventually abandoning our goal all together.  


Finally, there is help.  Your Are Better Than Your Habit:  Unleashing Your Potential  is an evidenced-based intervention guide that equips you with the tools you need to gain a profound sense of self-awareness, combat the obstacles that stand in your way, and show you HOW to unleash your true potential.   Make lasting improvements in your life.  Whether it's dieting, managing stress, or breaking free from bad habits, this time you will be prepared and ready to break free from the chains of the old and enter into a new and empowered you.  



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Expertly crafted intervention-based guides and journals at a fraction of the cost of therapy.  

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