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Do you ever feel like you are being pushed to your breaking point by stress?  You're not alone.  With so much going on today inside and outside our lives, stress seems to be a fixture.  Its that guest that moved in and won't get out.  Stress is more than just an unwanted guest, it's a toxic threat that can wreak havok on your health as well as your mental health.   


Mastering Stress- Steering Clear of the Breaking Point is a comprehensive guide (over 200 pages)  that includes my  21-Day Stress Management Challenge Journal .  Meticulously crafted as a personal toolkit designed specifically for today's challenges, this guide will help you take your life back.  


Your mental health journey should be an investment, not an extravagance.  This isn't just about stress management; it's a strategic approach to personal well-being.  Stress is one of the most toxic things in our lives, let me help you manage it. 


A typical therapy session costs from $125 per hour and up. Now, imagine gaining the equivalent of 8-10 therapy sessions' worth of expert insight and actionable strategies for the price of one therapy session. That's the value-packed offer presented by this guide and it includes my 21-Day Stress Management Intervention guided journal.


MASTERING STRESS - Steering Clear of the Breaking Point


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    Expertly crafted intervention-based guides and journals at a fraction of the cost of therapy.  

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